650,000 Gallon per Day (GPD) Municipal Extended Aeration Plant Santa Barbara County, CA

FRM was brought in by the city to perform an initial inspection and assessment of the east clarifier to determine what repairs were needed to restore the unit back to its original performance. All interior steel clarifier components were abrasive blasted and coated with Tnemec Series 446 Polyurethane. The existing scum beach required repairs and was also coated. Because of the excessive lead time on major repair parts, FRM fabricated an entirely new scum skimmer arm and assembly from stainless steel (an option not available from the manufacturer) using the original unit as a pattern, thereby saving the City money and downtime. To increase treatment capabilities, FRM manufactured a new FRP scum baffle and FRP density current baffle to help redirect suspended solids away from the effluent stream. The concrete effluent launder was showing signs of deterioration from exposure to corrosive gas. To prevent additional damage, FRM abrasive blasted and coated the launder with Utilithane Polyurethane.

FRM is well known on the central coast as the go-to-contractor when it comes to fabricating and installing replacement parts and assemblies that are no longer available from the manufacturer(s).

Kirsi Kilpelainen