Fluid Resource Management (FRM) assumed operation and maintenance duties for the Avila Beach Community Services District in 1999. Duties performed for the District include potable water distribution and wastewater collection and treatment.  The wastewater facility provides wastewater treatment and disposal for the community of Avila Beach, and the Port San Luis Harbor District. The District’s facility is rated at 200,000 gallons per day, and consists of Primary Clarification, Anaerobic Digestion, Fixed Film Reactor, Final Clarification, and Chlorine Contact Chamber. The flows to the plant can, and do, increase very quickly overnight during the summer months and weekends, as well as during periods of heavy rainfall. FRM staff is required to maintain a “heads-up” approach to tourist events, and summer weekend flow patterns, and must adjust the operation of the plant accordingly.

Because the District’s outfall is short, and discharges into the harbor just 1,200 feet offshore of a tourist destination beach, the Waste Discharge Requirements (WDR) are very stringent. The District’s compliance with the WDR’s is very important to the business community located in Avila Beach, and to the State of California Regional Water Quality Control Board. FRM’s operations history with the District is excellent, and the plant has not had a violation of its WDR’s since FRM assumed the operation and maintenance of the facility